Tuesday, August 08, 2006

I know where but I don't care because there's no such thing as an original sin

I'm Not Angry : Elvis Costello and the Attractions

Today I woke up with $8 in my pocket and a lot of free time on my hands. So I took a little walk to The Studio (it really was little. I think the entire trip took me 5 minutes.) and bought a skein of white Cascade 220. I tried dying cream before, and it was okay, but I don't see anything wrong with the white. It took the colors. There are some white spots, but I really like that.

Anyway, here's what I did today.

Then I moved it around a bunch and took more pictures with my SLR. My neighbors must think I'm a fucking loon.

Friday, August 04, 2006


Modelling my Malabrigo scarf. I don't remember the exact colorway, but it's really nice browns and blues. I used the Multidirectional scarf pattern and size 8 needles.

Close up of Multidirectional Scarf.

More Malabrigo for a scarf for my boyfriend.

Branching Out close up!! I used Dale of Norway Baby Ull and I think size 6 needles, but I can't remember.

This is the start of Andre for a friend. I'm having trouble working on it because I hate the feel of Wool-Ease.

I'm using the Dream Swatch pattern to make a scarf for a friend. It's pretty fun. It's Cascade 220, and size 8s.

I dyed this yarn myself with Kool-Aid. I have mixed feelings about it, but I'm keeping at it to practice more with DPNs, since the Knucks I made are too loose at the joins. Size 8s.

Rios de la Plata scarf for boyfriend's mom. 3x3 rib over 15 stitches, size 8 needles. I am really in love with my size 8s lately, I am just realizing.

Icarus! I'm using a 50/50 alpaca/wool blend I got from ebay. It was ridiculously cheap, so I'm a little wary, but it seems to be holding up so far.

Yup. A lot of the scarves. Some out of necessity (scarves for boyfriend and I), some for fun (Branching Out), birthday (Andre), and Christmas (everything else). I decided to make scarves for everyone, but to use a nice yarn and/or interesting stitch pattern to keep the interest level up for everyone.

And a sketch. Charcoal on newsprint.

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Any day now, any day now, I shall be released

I Shall Be Released : The Band

Lots of things have happened since I abandoned my blog. I stopped going to college for three months and found out that I am never doing that again. I need to take summer classes or something so I don't get so bored and latent here. I moved in with Larry. Oh, and I quit Hobby Lobby and got a new job. And I got a new obsession: knitting.

I tried knitting before, and it just didn't work out. At all. I used acrylic yarn and aluminum needles and cursed myself for ever bothering with it. Then I bought some Dale of Norway Baby Ull and fell in love. And then I got sick of my aluminum needles and bought some bamboo needles. And I haven't stopped knitting since. I think I have knit every single day. I love the way everything feels in my hands. I can't get enough of knitting.

Anyway, I think I'll start updating regularly and turn this into a knitting blog. Yeah!

It'll even be complete with pictures next time.

Friday, April 21, 2006

And the dawn don't rescue me no more

It Makes No Difference : The Band

This song is such a JAM. It's pretty sad, and has absolutely nothing to do with how I feel right now. It is just that good.

FINALLY FINALLY FINALLY I got into photography. I had to jump through hoops. I guess I'm not allowed to take it until sophomore year as fake art major. I have to take foundation drawing, foundation 2D design, and foundation 3D design first. I am taking 3D design and photography fall semester. YAY YAY YAY!

My art professor this semester (who is the bomb) is a pretty sweet dude. He said I should switch majors and be a studio art major and then get a masters in education instead of going through the art education program here, which is through the education department and not the art department. So I pretty much have to jump through hoops.


Wednesday, April 19, 2006

The only thing I have to say...It's been a good year for the roses

Good Year For the Roses : Elvis Costello and the Attractions

Maybe I'll re-do that. I saw Bob Dylan last night with my superfriend, maybe I'll put one of his lyrics up instead. Then it would look like this:

And when we meet again, introduced as friends, please don't let on that you knew me when...

Just Like A Woman : Bob Dylan

or even the whole last verse of "Don't Think Twice, It's Alright".

If anything, the show was anti-climactic. Disappointing. Not what I'd hoped for. We got there at intermission, and promptly got teased by the usher for missing Merle Haggard. Oh well. Saw two acquaintances from years ago, who I used to be close friends with but now I'm not. I hate seeing them; it always reminds me of what a terrible person I can be/was when I was 15. Maybe the Dylan title would be more fitting.

I wish I could say he was better than okay. I wish I could say he was great. He was better than when I saw him two years ago, but he is still with that keyboard. I kept thinking, "Does he even have hands?"

It was still a very good night. I really do love my boyfriend. He makes me laugh and laugh and laugh until no more sound comes out of my mouth and I'm doubled over doing that not laughing but not not laughing twitch.

I think it's that time of the month. I am kind of depressed. PMS? Probably. Dear internet, welcome to the contents of my uterus.

I am nineteen now. For a blog about college, I haven't really talked about college at all. Lots of things have been happening, important and no. Here we go!!

Last month, I watched a murder trial. I helped put somebody behind bars and I cried on my dad's shoulder immediately afterwards about how I'd forgotten some of the things I wanted to say and that I had failed. Over the course of the day, I realized that I didn't fail at all and it was better that I didn't say the things I wanted to say. That made me faceless, nameless, ordinary, and nothing too special. It was just fine, since I (in my mind at least) was representing the hundreds of kids who went to all the shows and never knew him.

Also last month, my roommate dropped out of school, reapplied to another college, moved out of the dorms, and right into my old house. I am still furious about that.

I had my birthday last Thursday. My dad took my sister, my boyfriend, his best friend, and I to Chicago last week so we could go to our first hometown NHL game (Blackhawks against Red Wings! Too bad Blackhawks lost.), go to a Cubs game (both of which were on my birthday!), so we could galavant around the city, and SO I COULD RIDE ON A FUCKING ZAMBONI. That's right. For my 19th birthday I rode on a zamboni at an NHL game. I fucking RULE. So does my dad, for setting this all up in secret.

My best friend got me Charmed Thirds. You know, the third book in the Jessica Darling series by Megan McCafferty. It made me want to start keeping a journal again. Yikes.

Sunday, March 26, 2006

I fucking hate the Eagles.

Or: Genetics Really Can Be Blamed for Everything.

Job satisfaction is at an all-time low (working seven hour shifts as a cashier three days a week is not my idea of a fun time), but occasionally I get some crazies along with the bitchy people who want their sharpies half price ("But there was a 1/2 off sign right in front of them!" "Yes, I realize that. But the sign said that watercolor and colored pencils are on sale, not sharpies." This happened twice yesterday.) and overwrought soccer moms.

On Friday night, a middle aged man came in and had some things framed back in our framing area and brought them up to me to check out. One was an autographed picture of Helen Hunt. The other picture had five men on it, and it was also autographed.

Rach: Oh, who's this?
Guy: Oh, that's the Eagles band! Have you ever heard of them?
Rach bites her lip.
Rach: Yeah...I've heard of them.
Guy: Yeah? I'm impressed. What did you think?
Rach: I'm not really a fan.
Guy looks crestfallen.
Guy: Aw, that's a shame. Still, I'm impressed that you've even heard of them. Most young people haven't. What didn't you like?
Rach: Oh, well, I've been bred by my family to HATE the Eagles.
Guy: Oh...well, don't drop it out of spite or anything. HAHAHAH!


We listen to Muzak at work, too. Not regular elevator or dentist office Muzak. This is Muzak on crack. It is church songs. On any given day, you will hear three different renditions of "Ode to Joy" and "Amazing Grace". It's pretty terrible. Given my 9 or so years of Catholic schooling and 14 years of Catholic upbringing (I stopped going and practicing when I was 14), I can recognize songs as church songs but not know what they are. It drives me crazy. Friday was particularly awful, and I ended up asking the customer in my line, "Are you Catholic? Or did you go to catholic school? Because I can't think of what this song is, and it's driving me crazy." She turned out to be Methodist, but they sing that song at their church too. It drove her nuts that she couldn't think of it, either, so she told me she'd ask her mom and the next time she came in she'd tell me. She came back two hours later and said "Rachel? That song is called 'Seek Ye First'." and then left again.

That's what working at Hobby Lobby is like. At least I get Sundays off.

Monday, March 13, 2006

I'm the son of rage and love

Jesus of Suburbia : Green Day

At the ripe age of 18, I like to think of myself as a music conessieur. We all know that isn't true, but let me have my dreams. Anyway, Green Day has been around for as long as I can remember. I listened to the pop station from the time I was eight until I was about thirteen, so they were always in and out of that. I loved them from the time I was about fourteen on, but I didn't really start paying much attention to them until this year. For me, they were kind of like Outkast. I loved hearing them on the radio, but I never really bothered to go get any of their albums. I think it was that goddamn "Good Riddance (Time of Your Life)" that kept me from actually getting an album of theirs. I can't fucking stand that song. I even wore my Green Day hoodie everywhere. My (now ex) step-brother had gone to their concert and bought the wrong size, so he gave it to me.

The truth that has been staring at me since I was 14. GREEN DAY IS FUCKING AWESOME. They went through a slump in the late 90's, but they are coming back, and it's great. I make fun of him for it, but Billy Joe really does look kind of cute with all that eyeliner on.

This song in particular (all 9 minutes of it) is really great. It's Green Day, so you don't really think of their songs in terms of their lyrical quality, but there are some great subtleties in this song that you don't catch on the first listen. The best example I can think of is "while the moms and Brads are away". The rest of the song is great because it's so typically teenaged. It isn't whiny in the "my life is sooooooo unfair oh woe! alas!" way. It's furious.

And they're really fun, too!

I remember in my junior year of high school (much of the summer before had been spent at 7-11 getting slushies), I borrowed a friend's copy of International Superhits. I told her that I still had it at lunch one day and told her I'd bring it back tomorrow. She looked mortified and later told me (kind of angrily), "I can't believe you said that in front of everyone." I didn't and still don't get what the big deal was. Why was it okay to like Green Day in private but not in public? So what that they're poppy. So what that that they were in a slump.

I don't understand guilty pleasures much, but I did just recently come flying out of the Bon Jovi closet, so I guess I should just shut up and go to class.