Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Then you listen to the music and you like to sing along, and you want to get the meaning out of each and every song.

The Guitarman - Cake

I am a casual Cake fan. I thought I hated them for a while, but I came to realize that was only because the only song the radio ever played was "The Distance." When I was a junior in high school a friend made me a great mixtape as a present. We'd both been going through a lot, and we decided to have The Best Day Ever. So he gave me a tape to commemorate it, and Cake is/was his favorite band. The songs were great! The songs tugged my heartstrings and made me want to sing along! What?! I hate Cake! Nope, not anymore. I sang along. I fell in love with "Commissioning a Symphony in C" and "Open Book", but I remained a casual fan. Not really caring if they were there or not. This lasted for a couple of years, and then the ultimate.

Pressure Chief came out. Now, instead of playing "The Distance" every goddamn minute of the day, the radio switched to "No Phone". My Cake hatred was back on, full steam ahead. HOW could this happen? Then I heard "Carbon Monoxide", and it just made me want to dance all over the place and sing.

Lately, the radio has been obsessed with "The Guitarman". It is so good that I thought that it was an old song. Then I remembered, "Wait, this is the radio. This can't be an old song." And it turns out it wasn't. What a pleasant surprise.

Now I'm listening to Jesus Christ Superstar, finally. As I was going through my records looking for it, I found my copy of Doolittle out of it's cover. Roommate, I doubt you read this, but if you do, yes, I am definitely talking about you. FIND A DUST SLEEVE IF YOU CAN'T FIND THE RECORD COVER AND THEN FIND THE GODDAMN COVER. IT IS IN THE BIN. OR YOU CAN'T USE IT ANYMORE.

Anyway, I love Jesus Christ Superstar. It's kind of funny, because otherwise I'm not really religious at all. I like the spin Andrew Lloyd Webber put on the ol' tale. Judas is essentially a good guy; he is only a pawn of Jesus, who is only God's pawn. I used to think that Judas being the only black castmember was promoting not-so-subtle racism, but lately I've come to realize that Judas is black because Judas has soul. I've seen a production where Judas was white. No, that didn't work at all. I also saw a production that modernized it. It took some getting used to, but then I realized how great it was. The song at the market had stock tickers hanging in the air. Herod's palace was like a casino. He was wearing magenta sequined chucks, and women were dancing behind him in magenta sequined dresses. The singing was fantastic, too.


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