Sunday, February 26, 2006

Home accents? More like home ACK.

So, I got a job. I am a cashier at Hobby Lobby now. It's alright. I think I'll bore you, my grand total of no viewers, with stories about work. I work at the Hobby Lobby in my old neighborhood and the neighborhood that my high school is in, so I see people I know quite a bit. It can be fun, it can be hectic.

I managed to ring things up wrong all day today. I don't know what I did. All of our Valentine's Day stuff is 90% off, and an old woman came with 5 tubes of $1 candy. It ended up being $1.07 or something like that, but somehow I managed to ring them up as $947. I DON'T KNOW HOW THIS HAPPENED. Or why I kept doing it all day. I just don't know.

People also kept forgetting their stuff. Today three bags were sitting on the floor next to me all day waiting for their owners to come get them. One woman had other stuff in her cart, and left her small bag of knitting needles. Another woman had a toddler and forgot her ugly iron stuff, and I forgot to give to to her because my dad and sister were in line after her and I was too busy trying to look good. Another woman had two carts (TWO CARTS!) full of stuff and so I'm not very surprised we forgot her bag. It took forever to ring all that up!

Kids are pretty cute, but Jesus Christ. Parents, who also don't read this, watch your kids. I know you can't be 100% all the time, but good lord. Recovering the store is bad enough, but I found out the first day, the part you have to really look at in every aisle is the kid level part. And oh yeah, if you changed your mind about something, DO NOT throw it down anywhere in the racks of stuff by the register. Hand it to me, say "I changed my mind", and I will put it in a basket and someone else will put it away. Today I said the f-word in front of kids. OOPS.


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